Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dating Mr. Wrong. Succeeding At Transforming Your Roots In Hoodness - My Story

I’ve always had an insatiable desire to meet and fall in love with a powerful man. 

I’m not sure exactly when or where this desire was born.  I think ultimately all of us ladies have this desire.  Whether it happens or will ever happen is still in the air for most of us.  This is why it wasn’t a surprise when the heat of hope aroused in me and I became excited when I saw him, Mr. Him, in the club that night.  You know, the successful, funny, charismatic, likable; easy going, sexy, unavailable ass Mr. Him gliding through the crowd of attention seekers that night.  See, Mr. Him and I had met before at his condo in Hyde Park, Chicago, IL.  I was on a date and my date wanted to stop by his friend’s house to pay him a visit.  Well, I was just happy to be on a date so I agreed to tag along.  When Mr. Him opened the door I didn’t think much of him because he seemed a bit preoccupied with last minute things to do around the house.  He told us to have a seat and we did and I continued the next 30minutes watching them interact with each other because it was intended to be a quick visit.  Mr. Him started rambling about the state of his neighborhood and how he should have stayed in the suburbs because hoodlums are out on his street hanging out.  He even complained about calling the alderman which quickly became a joke when he called her the alderlady which is what he called her because he didn’t know if the proper name would be alderman.  All of chuckled at this because none of us knew what to call an alderman that’s a woman and frankly I still don’t know.  If it’s a woman is it alderlady or alderman?  Anyway one joke led to two jokes and a few more laughs exchanged until we left. 

As I sat there for most of the 30 minutes not speaking I was able to see Mr. Him funny and witty personality come through by humoring his friend every 10 seconds with his perils of moving to the city.  He was thin but average with a nice grown man low fade. He was a mix of Usher and Taye Diggs; as a matter of fact I can’t watch the series The Practice without almost thinking of him because of the resemblance.   He also had a nice condo that only a successful educated bachelor would have with all the fine furniture and art...you know the place a woman never wants to leave.  My date told me he was leaving town to go propose to his girlfriend with whom he had developed a long distance relationship.  I thought to myself damn that’s one lucky chick and couldn’t help but wonder about how she could have captivated a guy like that to travel for her hand in marriage.  I mean...I knew he felt that he had someone special and I also knew immediately that Mr. Him was a class act and I was smitten and never thought that he and I would meet again or ever embark on an unrestrained 3 year affair which all began at that damn night club months after our first meeting.

That night at the club was typical.  I was sharp. Typical.  He was sharp.  Typical. I was on the prowl for some attention. Typical.  He was on the prowl...also typical.   I saw him gliding through the crowd and thought wow who is this fine guy, he looks familiar.  As he got closer it hit me.  This is the guy from the date I went on a few months ago...so I tapped him. 
“Don’t I know you? I think I’ve been to your condo”.
“You have, when?” he says
”I think I was with a date”
“Oh yeah I remember you, how have you been?” 
“Good, pretty good”. 

Now he and I said a few things to each other and he gave me his card, which took me only a week to call.  I don’t think he really expected for me to call on a personal note at all but I did anyway and didn’t know what I was setting myself up for.

PART 2 to be continued……….
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